SUPERMUCIL Psyllium with Kalonji

What is Kalonji? 
Kalonji is an herbaceous annual of the buttercup family. Its seed (also known as “black seed”) has been consumed for centuries, especially in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Known by various names such as "Habat-Ul-Sauda" and "Kalonji", it's both a spice and traditional medicine. This is probably one of the most known benefits of kalonji. If you already have diabetes, kalonji oil can also help to manage it. it can also help to strengthen your immunity if consumed daily.

Sat Isabgol Kalonji Powder

As you know very well that sat isabgol is only an upper coat  of isabgol seed. Sat isabgol is very purified from of fibers only. Fiber means 80% water soluble fibers & 20% non-soluble fibers in water. Sat isabgol has no nutrition value only fibers. These fibers can absorb 40 to 50 times water of its weight. After absorbing water it became a gel which is sleepy and mucilage this way after absorbing  water it moves downward and remove all deposited material. The water absorbing  property of this product also beneficial for dieheria as you take it dry and drink only sip of water thus this material absorb all the dirty bacterial contaminated water naturally. With card if you consume sat isabgol is more beneficial as curd deposit good bacteria in your stomach. This all dine so naturally. 

Another benefit of sat isabgol in which 80% is water soluble potion which dilute in water and binds toxins, cholesterol etc and remove it and non-soluble part remove all dirts. From food pipes if you consume it with food. Your food become fiber rich. And moves easily and the water holding property of this product. Product stool to be dry.  

As we know the toxin removing property of sat isabgol clean body then some people (not all) fill the sat isabgol is cool in nature. The result may be with cold or cough for there people we made a formula that balance the product we add some potion of kalonji in sat isabgol powder and make a product we add in it some flavor at sweetening agents and make it tasty.

Psyllium With Kalonji Powder 100 gram plastic jar.

Dose: As suits your body and baby nature. But minimum start with 5 gram.

Sat Isabgol Kalonji mix Capsule:

Some people feed difficult to take sat isabgol its sticky property stick in mouth for those people we made capsules of 450 to 50 mg capsule. You can consume it with food and at night with huge water for constipation. When you some it with food. Makes your intake food fiber rich.

Packing: 120 capsules plastic jar.

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